About Us

What is PanelBeats.co.uk?
We're a comics website, bringing you news, reviews, features, discussion, analysis and all kinds of other nonsense related to the Four Colo(u)r world, as well as its cross-media spinoffs. We're the heavily-scarred rejected clone of The Shiznit, a movie blog that's really good at being clever and funny about stuff.

We are non-parochial in our tastes and outlook - although we concentrate predominantly on Marvel and DC superhero comics, we're interested in just about anything published in the medium, from major publishers to tiny indie efforts. It's our view that comics are a wonderful, amazing and unique artform, and just about everything that happens in their pages is to be celebrated. Even the Clone Saga. Especially the Clone Saga.

Lead writers James and Seb also have an older blog called Alternate Cover, so you can check out the archives there if you want to get more of an idea of what we're all about.

Can I write for you?
Quite probably! We accept new writers all the time. Sadly we won't be able to pay you for your efforts, but you will get your name in lights (if, by 'lights', you mean 'small blue writing') and you can swear as much as you want. We're always looking for contributions of any nature - reviews, features, news articles, anything. Email us for a chat at patrickandhunt@gmail.com