30 amazing Batman costumes only seen on action figures

30 amazing Batman costumes only seen on action figures
16. Gladiator Batman

Sadly not a bright blue leotard worn for appearances on a Saturday night ITV game show, this is instead part of a range of "historical" possible Batman outfits. Shame, as Bruce would probably get on quite well with Ulrika Jonsson.

17. Dark Warrior Batman

Presumably they couldn't call it "Shredder from TMNT Batman" for rights reasons.

18. Power Guardian Batman

I don't know what time period a "power guardian" is supposed to be from, but this one's pretty nifty, all things considered.

19. Longbow Batman

This would totally work in an Elseworlds story where it was Oliver Queen whose parents were gunned down by Joe Chill. Hell, I'm pitching that one to DC RIGHT NOW.

20. Viking Batman

Viking Batman. Let's just enjoy those words for a moment. VIKING. BATMAN.
21. Fist Fury Batman

In which Grant Morrison gets the "hairy-chested love god" figure he's always wanted. And with bright green jogging pants, to boot.

22. Bruce Wayne

You have to love a "quick change" figure (and you also have to love the excellent Michael Keaton likeness on this one's packaging). What I'm less sure about, however, is Bruce's dedication to his secret identity if he wears a bat symbol on his turtleneck.

23. Transforming Bruce Wayne

Another "transforming" Bruce figure, this time of Val Kilmer. I actually genuinely love the design of the Bat-part of this one, although that might be because it's the only figure in this article I actually owned. Also, unlike on the Keaton figure, you "transform" Bruce by pushing his head down into his torso, meaning that this can also double as a "Decapitated Bruce Wayne" figure. Maybe he got a little too enthusiastic with those nasty looking blades.

24. Bat Attack Batman

The names are getting as stupid as the costumes by this point.

25. Fractal Armor Batman

Nope, me neither.
26. Drop Attack Batman

Just in case you thought the CRAZY was limited to 1990s movie tie-ins, here's a Batman Begins figure to prove that it crosses all divides.

27. Battle Cape Batman

I mean, can he even see out of that thing? Dude's not Daredevil.

28. Glacier Shield Batman

I think this is the point where, if you were Batman's friend, you'd be seriously suggesting he get help.

29. Spline Cape Batman

Or possibly this one. "What the hell are you wearing, Bruce?" "IT'S A SPLINE CAPE, DAMMIT!"

30. Azrael Batman

This, though, has to be the most ridiculous of the lot. The helmet! The spiky cape! The bandoliers! The endless pouches! Thank Christ nothing like this ever got near the actual Batman comics, is all I can say...

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