One Line Reviews Of Every Comic I Have Bought Since We Last Posted An Update

One Line Reviews Of Every Comic I Have Bought Since We Last Posted An Update
Hello. It may not have escaped your notice (or it might have completely escaped your notice) that things have been a bit quiet around here lately. We've had a few work and personal related commitments that have meant that we've fallen a bit behind in keeping up with posts. Sorry for the inconvenience, if it is indeed an inconvenience at all.

Regular service should be resuming shortly, and we also have some exciting plans on the podcast side of things to hopefully tell you about soon, but in the meantime, I thought I'd catch up with what's been going on in comics in the time that we haven't been posting. So here's a list of every comic I've bought (either on Comixology or in print) since our last new post, and a quick comment on what I thought of each them. I make no apology for the lack of intense scrutiny or in-depth analysis contained within, but at least in terms of sheer volume of comics it's decent value for money... right?

Velvet #8
Each month I have to go back and read every previous issue of Velvet so that I can understand the next one, but it's worth doing as it continues to be VERY GOOD. (4/5)

Superman Unchained #9
A nicely-wrought but ultimately slightly hollow conclusion to a series that went from "No, look, it's an ongoing, honest!" to "It's a limited run with several months between issues" even quicker than we all expected. (2/5)

Grayson #4
Like an issue of Morning Glories but without the irritating realisation that you've bought twenty issues of this thing and it's delighting in not letting you have a clue what's going on. (3/5)

Rocket Raccoon #5
I AM GROOT. (5/5)

Amazing Spider-Man #9
Having so far failed to hit anything like the high gears of Superior Spider-Man, the latest part of Slott's run finally starts to do so with an excellent first chapter of Spider-Verse. Moment after moment of "Aw, yay, it's them!" (4/5)

Chew #44
Fucking hell, ouch. (4/5)

Miracleman #13
A bit review-proof, this. It's a reprint of Miracleman with a nice new colouring job. It's drawn by Totleben, so it's from the best part of Moore's run, but it's also a very "calm before the storm" part of the story. And at $5 for 16 pages of story, it's insultingly overpriced. (3/5)

Batman #36
Back onboard with Snyder's run after skipping Zero Year almost in its entirety. The reveal at the end, while not exactly subtle, is nicely played, and it does seem to solve one of the New 52's most egregious early errors (the face-cutting). (3/5)

The Fade-Out #3
See above comments re: Velvet, although this time around there's a bit less to catch up on, and besides this mostly introduces new characters and plot strands. But this type of story really does work better in trade, I think. (4/5)

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1
Actually a stronger issue than its premise implies. Making Sam Wilson Captain America but also having him be an arsehole because of the events of Axis feels like a heavily flawed and uncomfortable notion, but Al Ewing spins it into a genuinely shocking moment, throwing in a great (ridiculous) villain and a terrifically funny Spider-Man scene to boot. (3/5)

Justice League United #6
This feels like it's losing its steam somewhat - I've got very little interest in a sudden Legion crossover, and it's not really going anywhere with a bunch of characters that I like. Needs to find a spark again. (2/5)

Batgirl #36
Even better than the first relaunch issue, this is jam-packed with story and energy, and might be the most fun book either DC or Marvel are currently publishing. (5/5)

She-Hulk #10
ARG MARVEL WHY DO YOU CANCEL COMICS THAT ARE THIS GOOD Jennifer you are still my favourite don't go away for too long (5/5)

Silver Surfer #7
Elegant, charming, delightful, and with ridiculously overt Doctor Who references that Slott isn't even trying to hide ("NO MORE!") If you cancel this, Marvel, then I'm cancelling you. (4/5)

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #7
Hmm - slightly disappointed with this. It's still a reasonably solid issue of a very consistently good series, but the solicitation text and cover seemed to suggest it would be a lot more about Katie Bishop than it turns out to be. Instead, it's mostly just a wrap-up of a big fight with the Goblin, with a short reveal scene tacked onto the end. (3/5)

The Multiversity: Pax Americana
Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely do a flat-out, straight-up, parody of Watchmen with the actual Charlton characters and it's somehow, against all expectations, as good as that sounds, if not even better. Contains a double page spread that is actually the best piece of comics storytelling in recent memory. (5/5)

Amazing Spider-Man #10
Just as much fun as the first part, this. As a long-standing Spider-fan, and particularly as one who was around for all the multiple-personality nonsense of the '90s, this is so up my street. (4/5)

Daredevil #10
The conclusion to the "Purple Family" arc goes to some surprising places, and ultimately continues this book's recent fascination with depression. It's not the most gripping of plots, but as character and mood piece, this series continues to be engrossing. (4/5)

Supergirl #36
Ooh. The original co-writer from when this series was Actually Good at the start of the New 52 returns, with a female artist and co-writer team to boot. And a new setup that might actually suit this version of Kara really well. This is promising - not Batgirl-level promising, but promising all the same. (3/5)

Powers: The Bureau #12
The Powers dance continues: another run comes to an end and peters out after a promising start, the status quo changes again, and I curse myself for once again almost caring about a new relaunch. See you again on the next go around, then. (2/5)

ODY-C #1
Okay, I actually still need to read this. I got the original digital version that had the pages messed up, and haven't sat down with it since downloading the corrected version. I'm sure it's very probably brilliant, but glancing at the pages does make me wonder if I'd have been better off waiting for the trade than trying to take it in on a 7" tablet screen. (?/5)

Superman #36
Just like Superman Unchained, this managed to run out of steam in its "Superman meets another character a bit like him" plot quite quickly. I still have faith in the Johns/Romita team to produce a quality Superman comic at some point, but this is good rather than great, and we're still waiting for that Actually Interesting take on the New 52 version. (3/5)

The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17
We'll talk about Superior Foes in more detail with a proper look back at the series soon, but... yeah. This is a hugely satisfying conclusion to a hugely satisfying (if occasionally meandering) series. Sorry to see it go. (5/5)

Scarlet Spiders #1
I was always going to buy this, given that it has Ben Reilly, Kaine and Ultimate Jessica Drew in it... but it rather lets them down with a flat story and some odd artistic choices, most notably a rather inappropriately sexual take on the teenage Jessica. Also, just because a character is calling themselves Black Widow doesn't mean you have to shoehorn in the word "ledger" - we all get it. (2/5)

Grayson #5
In which the creative team appear to have decided that they're going to be the ones to have a crack at bringing Grant Morrison's Bat-sensibilities into the current era. And the way Grayson has been going so far, they might actually succeed at it yet. This doesn't quite land, but it's weird, and bold, and a bit fascinating. But please, let's not have the Midnighter anywhere near a Batman-related book ever again. (3/5)

Justice League 3000 #12
Just like Scarlet Spiders, I couldn't not buy this, when it consists of Giffen and deMatteis writing Beetle and Booster again. I still don't really get on with the whole JL3000 setup, and I haven't got a clue how the pre-New 52 versions of these guys can possibly be kicking around (or, at least, how they can possibly stay kicking around for any great length of time without it turning out to be a rug-pull), but what the hell, it's Giffen and deMatteis writing Beetle and Booster again. (3/5)
Phew. I think that brings us just about up to date. Now, there hasn't been any comic book movie news going on lately that we haven't commented on yet, has there...?