Superhero Team Names That Just Make No Sense

Superhero Team Names That Just Make No Sense
It's not easy to come up with a good name for a superhero team when all of the good ones are taken (and by "all of the good ones" we basically mean the Justice League and the Avengers, and even they aren't that good). So we have some measure of sympathy for the teams who just have slightly rubbish or bland names. But there are bad names, and there are names that just don't seem to mean anything whatsoever - or worse, are flat out inaccurate in their description of the team. Here, then, is a rundown of our favourite pieces of nonsensical superhero business card fodder...

Birds of Prey
For most of its run, the team consisted of Black Canary, Oracle and Huntress, meaning that only 33.3% of its team members were actually bird-themed. We're also not sure Chuck Dixon considered the connotations of the word "birds" to UK readers when using it to name an all-female team.

Sure, the X stands for Xavier, but in their early days their connection to the Professor was kept a secret, so to the public at large it's just meaningless. Also, from the outset twenty percent of them aren't actually men.

Suicide Squad
Admittedly so named because of the intentionally risky nature of their assignments, but still, most of them continue to be alive, having not actually committed suicide.

Infinity, Inc
Don't actually appear to be legally incorporated, or even have a board of directors or shareholders. Also unlikely to exist for a period of time that could be remotely described as infinite.

Secret Defenders
Do they defend secrets, or are they defending in secret? Either way, it's hard to be secret when you've got a team that regularly includes Hulk and Ghost Rider.

Force Works
Is this a team name, or a statement of fact? What about all the times that force doesn't work?

West Coast Avengers
Well, it's admirably literal, but it's not exactly fear-inspiring. Maybe that's why they changed it to Force Works.

Generation X
A dumb name for a super-team mainly made up of Gen-Y characters.

Doom Patrol
A great name for a team of supervillains. Not really good PR when you're meant to be the good guys.

The Outsiders
The self-loathing of a team name that basically says "Nobody else wanted us" hardly inspires confidence in their clients.

The Ultimates
Because the Avengers was apparently too stupid a name for a cutting-edge twenty-first century Mark Millar superhero book. What effectively translates as "The Lasts" is definitely much better.

Justice League United
Justice League United nil, Teen Titan Rovers three.

An astonishingly '90s pun, the C.A.T of WildC.A.T.s stands for "Covert Action Teams". BUT WHAT THE HECK DOES THE S STAND FOR?

Ah, okay, fair enough then.