DC's Convergence #0 is actually just a reprint of Armageddon 2001

DC's Convergence #0 is actually just a reprint of Armageddon 2001
I was delighted to receive, from a source who must remain anonymous, an advance copy of the first issue of DC's much hyped crossover event Convergence on Tuesday. My delight turned to astonishment, however, when I cracked open the issue, only to discover that the entire contents of the issue are actually nothing more than a reprint of the 1991 crossover comic Armageddon 2001 #1.

It seems that rather than giving us a brand new storyline based around the pre-
Flashpoint versions of their characters, DC have seen fit instead simply to reprint an existing one. As it happens, I'm a big fan of Armageddon 2001 - but even I would baulk at the idea of paying all over again for something I already bought once nearly twenty-five years ago.

On the other hand, the fact that
Convergence is nine issues long, while Armageddon 2001's bookending series was only two, suggests that maybe once the first issue is out of the way, things will diverge significantly. Maybe they'll change the ending, and have a character who someone somewhere actually cares about become Monarch?

Either way,
Convergence #0 - by Archie Goodwin, Dan Jurgens and Dick Giordano - is in stores today.