The 5 Best Things From NYCC 2014

The 5 Best Things From NYCC 2014
This weekend past saw the ninth annual New York Comic Con take place, not in San Diego as expected, but in the surprise venue of New York. One half of the main PanelBeats team (James) was there; so it makes perfect sense for the half that wasn't (me) to be the one to do a round-up of what happened. So in a completely unfocused and to be honest somewhat ill-informed manner, here are my five favourite things that were announced, or otherwise happened, at the convention.
5. DC announce Wonder Woman '77 series

First Batman '66, now this. It can only mean that we're one step closer on the road to getting a Justice League '97 comic. Can't wait.
4. George Clooney apologises in public for Batman & Robin

Unfortunately, James resisted the opportunity to shout "ICE SKATES IN THE BOOTS!" at him, a fact he will surely regret forever.
3. Jeff Lemire on Hawkeye

Do you think we'll see Clint and Barney's father finding it difficult to relate emotionally to his sons, and have awkward conversations with them that reveal far more with what they leave unsaid than they do in the actual words?
2. The Marvel Studios/Netflix Daredevil costume is basically the one from The Trial of the Incredible Hulk

1. James finds me a copy of Ultimate Spider-Man #2 for $6

SIX DOLLARS. SIX. Man, that was almost worth the cost of the flights for him, his wife and his child alone.