Review: Agents of SHIELD 2x12: Who You Really Are

Agents of SHIELD 2x12: Who You Really Are


Guest reviewer Ian Grundy casts his critical eye over the latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, which almost has a Thor in it.

This week's episode guest-stars Jamie Alexander as Sif. Finally, a Sif episode! Sif's presence means there is a chance that someone might at some point actually say "Thor" out loud in a scene, as part of actual dialogue, to another character! As unlikely as it sounds this show actually started off as a tie-in with those popular Marvel movies, so it's always nice when someone from them actually shows up for a bit.

Oh wait, she's lost her memory. Never mind.

It turns out Sif was on Earth hunting a Kree who has disguised himself as a ordinary looking white human male who presumably fell from space directly into a Gap store. He has a memory erasing truncheon which is why Sif can't remember anything. The prop they use for the truncheon looks like someone broke the real prop, and they had to go rummaging around in a pile of scrap metal to find a replacement. What is that thing anyway? Did it fall out of an old car engine?

The Kree, whose name is Vin-Tak, is here because of the Terrigenesis box. He's a good Kree who wants to stop people using those things, unlike the bad Kree who take no active interest in them. Lots of tension and fighting occurs, and eventually Skye is left with no choice other than to admit that she's been the one emitting earthquakes from her body all along. Everyone stares at her like they are thinking "You! You are the source of the earthquakes! I read it in the script!" and then drama ensues. I'm glad they caught up, actually. It's always bad when the audience is too many steps ahead of most of the characters, so we should be happy it's all out in the open.

Speaking of things not being out in the open, Mack and Bobbi's inspecific plan is almost thrust into action when Hunter figures out something is going on after he overhears the word 'backup' being spoken during a chaotic fight scene - though he might also have heard one of the loud public conversations Mack and Bobbi have been having about their plans in the lab, kitchen and other recreational areas. Presumably they are working for Nick Fury, who will text message them in the season finale to maintain the ties with the movie universe. At this point it remains a mystery, and I can't imagine it's more interesting than the aliens and gods walking around the place.

So let's talk about that. For an episode about aliens and Asgardians, they sure seem determined to make it all seem as boring as possible. Most of the episode takes place near office chairs, and the aliens are all dressed in casualwear. They manage to take some amazing concepts and ideas from the comics and make them seem as interesting as a 40 minute powerpoint presentation in the crap meeting room. Actually, part of the episode takes place in Faro, Portugal - but everyone there speaks English (or Brazilian Portuguese) anyway and it closely resembles a pier in Los Angeles, so you wouldn't be able to tell unless you were paying pretty close attention to the location name when it appears.

After a bunch of fighting everything is somehow back to normal. Sif has her memory back, the Kree guy loses his memory and stops caring about killing Skye, so they send him back with Sif who promises "He'll remember none of this," which I take to mean that the moment the humans aren't watching she'll just immediately stick her sword through his damned Kree face. Presumably if she sends him back to whatever the Kree homeworld is called they'll immediately be able to restore his memory and he'll come straight back to finish the job, right? Oh well. Out of sight, out of mind.

If you're following the movies and are worried about missing something important, then you needn't be. Sif doesn't mention anything that relates to the movies at all. Hey Sif! What's up with Odin? Does he seem weird to you at all? How's Thor getting on? Checked in with the Collector recently? Is he keeping your infinity stone safe? It's probably fine. I'm sure Sif has lots of other stuff going on anyway. That's why Heimdall was all like "Oh look, there's a Kree on Midgard. Better get Sif. She's not busy."

Next week we presumably finally uncover the mystery of what's in Fury's toolbox in Coulson's desk. Will it actually be something worth these characters ruining absolutely everything over? Find out next week in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Number of times Thor was mentioned: 1


* Skye has voluntarily locked herself in that Hexagons room so she can safely stay away from situations that would require her to rattle a coffee mug or burst a light bulb.

* Fitz seems to have completely recovered from his brain damage through the healing power of a impassioned speech.

* "My Truncheon can restore her memory!"

* With how little these episodes tie into the MCU you almost get the impression that the show has actually lost the Marvel license.