Review: Justice League United #0

Justice League United #0


If DC want to tempt back a lapsed reader like me (and I do mean specifically like ME), then having Jeff Lemire write a fun, light-hearted team book featuring Animal Man, Supergirl, Green Arrow and Stargirl certainly feels like a gigantic stride in the right direction.

There's nothing especially revolutionary about Justice League United (which is essentially Justice League Canada under a name that in this country makes it sound like the beginning of a football result), but in truth, it's the fairly old-school charm that makes it so appealing. It resembles nothing else as much it does the classic Justice League International - not that it necessarily scales Giffen/deMatteis-level comedic heights, but with its emphasis on snappy character interaction over dramatic plot, it's the clearest influence even before you get to the presence of Mike McKone on art (who, incidentally, is a far more appealing artist than he was in those early '90s days).

While sharing several members with last year's short-lived and best-forgotten Justice League of America run, this couldn't be further removed from it in terms of tone or approach - and the new team members added (a thankfully-not-a-Red-Lantern Supergirl, the appearing-for-the-first-time-in-Nu-52 Adam Strange, and Equinox, a new Native Canadian heroine care of Lemire) all seem like a perfect fit.

Bright and entertaining, the only thing it really lacks is much in the way of story weight at this point - and it's distinctly annoying to see a #0 issue that is quite clearly just the first issue proper of the series. Otherwise, this is a series that's so anathema to everything DC seem to stand for at the moment that I'm amazed it even got published - but I'm very pleased it has been.