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Seb Patrick

Seb is a freelance writer originally from Liverpool, now based in London. He got into comics with John Byrne's Man of Steel and has never looked back, no matter how many people try to tell him Superman isn't cool any more. He's written about comics and comic book movies for Panini/Hachette, Comic Heroes, CBR, Den of Geek, Film4 and Wired, and about other stuff for When Saturday Comes, BBC America and the official Red Dwarf website. He would still like to be John Constantine when he grows up.

James Hunt

James is writer and journalist who lives in London, because that's the only place that would have him. He's been reading comics since before he could actually read, but became hooked on superheroes after watching the X-Men cartoon and realising that you could still be cool even if you have a single giant eye in your forehead. Though he doesn't actually have that. You can get in touch with him on twitter where he's @JamesHunt.